Food & Beverages Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

The plastic pallets of LiYang have passed through the food-grade test, do not fade, do not pollute the bearing products.

Industry Status

The demand of Food market continues to be rising, and the market continues to expand. In addition to a part of the food industry still needs to import large quantities of raw materials, the increasing demand for high-end food products due to the development of the domestic market , making the import of final consumer food takes a step forward to expand, which is one of China's food industry status.

Beverage market is undergoing poorly operation, no obvious advantage of the brand and no personalized sales channel, resulting in frequent price wars. With low product access, different sizes of the brand go into fast as well as exit fast, resulting in increasing the cost of brand maintenance and customer retention

Solutions from Liyang

Save labor costs and material handling time, moistureproof, insectproof, and new material products should pass through food-grade test, do not fade, do not pollute bearing products, easy to clean, stacking saving storage space.

Support services of solution

  • Static and dynamic pallet leasehold, provide and retrieve pallets across the country according to the customer's needs.
  • Provide food baskets leasehold and sales service, providing customers with high-quality storage and display apparatus;
  • Provide pallets cleaning and disinfection services, to ensure the safety of the goods;
  • Provide traceability services based on customer’s requirements;
  • Provide refrigerated vehicle distribution services.


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